To transform the hearts and minds of Ukrainian youth and young adults, leading them to a life of  faith, hope, joy, integrity, and leadership.


Through a variety of Christ-centered programs and interpersonal relationships, our vision is to create positive changes that will impact the life of an individual, then a generation, a community, and ultimately- a nation.

The Need


Halfway around the world in Ukraine, the scars of communism run deep. Because of the Soviet Union’s prohibition of Christianity for over 70 years, generations of Ukrainians have grown up without any knowledge of Jesus Christ. Rampant alcoholism and drug abuse during the Soviet era, have only worsened. Consumerism has filled the void left by communism. Younger generations seek to fill their lives with sex, money, and drugs as a means to happiness.

The result, even 30 years after the fall of the USSR, is
a society that has little regard for life, is held captive by all
types of addictions, accepts corruption at all levels, and
lives in fear, poverty, and hopelessness. Domestic violence
is at an all-time high and women are still afraid to discuss
this taboo subject. The war in Ukraine has only increased
the abuse, anxiety, and stress among a people not
accustomed to asking for help or support from others. Even
young children are worried about the future and their own
Metanoia Ukraine exists to change the hearts and
minds of Ukrainians through the life giving message of the
good news of Jesus Christ. We bring hope with the
transforming power of the Holy Spirit- speaking, training,
and living out the message of salvation and the abundant
life in Jesus. We teach the value of human life, we share
the truth about freedom from addictions, and we walk
alongside people as we guide them to a life without fear,
anxiety, and hopelessness. Jesus is at work in Ukraine, and
you can join us in this work!


In 2009 Tetiana Kravchenko, now Executive Director of Metanoia Ukraine, began a single “Journey to Freedom” program with encouragement and help from her mentors at Missions Development International in Nashville. Through a strategic partnership with Restore Small Groups, this program grew into several group meetings each week in many locations and reached hundreds with the hope-giving message that “Change is possible”. Over the next 14+ years the ministry grew, adding programs, classes, and groups that meet in their downtown Odesa Youth Center as well as online in several countries. Today we are blessed with full time staff members and many volunteers that share our vision of changing hearts and minds though Jesus Christ.

We make a positive impact on the lives of our community by developing personal relationships based on our Christian faith that seek to improve lives in three areas: Spirit, Mind, and Body.

We create a team of young leaders who develop through interaction, learning, and creative projects. We understand the importance of communication, help and support. But the main goal is to introduce students to Jesus Christ. And each project of the student club is an opportunity to talk about the love and care of Christ, to pray, and to share faith. We hope the Student club will help them to meet God as their Savior, find answers to important questions, meet new friends and feel they are not alone.

Student Club

The goal of the "Choose Life" program is to introduce teenagers to the consequences of early sexual relations. To develop skills of responsible behavior for sexual health and future fatherhood and motherhood. We raise the following topics: God the Creator of the family and the Creator of relationships. God is the source of life, life belongs to God God values life from conception to death Can true love wait? Sex is good or bad?

Choose life

For us children's safety is so important, so next we are preparing trainings on pre-medical care and mine safety. We want to make these meetings with children a regular occurrence throughout the summer so our team can continue to love them, pray with them, and talk about Jesus who will never leave them. We want so much that in this terrible time, children have a childhood full of love, joy, and security. Your prayers and contributions are helping to make these activities possible.

Children's safety is so important